ICT: Learning by Doing


In today's digital world, using tech tools in education is crucial, but we often don't make the most of them. Our ICT Tools for Teachers course goes beyond just introducing digital tools. It helps educators tap into the full potential of these tools to create interactive learning environments.

We believe that education technology isn't just about the tools; it's about new teaching methods. This course empowers teachers to build Digital Classrooms that break the physical boundaries of traditional teaching. You'll learn to use technology for everything from research to project-based learning and effective assessments.

By taking this course, you'll not only maximize the use of ICT tools but also learn how to blend them to create engaging learning experiences. Whether it's collaborative projects, digital literacy, or critical thinking, this course shows you how to integrate tech for a more holistic education.

Our goal is to transform education by uniting technology and teaching. As you expand your role as an educator, you'll become a pioneer of this new educational era, where learning is driven by innovation, not tradition.

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  • Getting to know how to use a diversity of digital resources in order to make activities more interesting for students.
  • Increasing student´s engagement and motivation.
  • Taking advantage of student´s devices in and out of the classroom.
  • Developing collaborative activities.
  • Increasing performance and effectiveness in the preparation of the lessons.
  • Taking advantage of available resources for the classroom, free and easy to use.
  • Being more effective teachers, spending more time on students rather than bureaucracy.
  • Offering students more support on ICT.

The course methodology embraces a 'Learning by Doing' approach, facilitated through guided tutorials. Educators initiate the process by introducing key concepts and essential tools, followed by students embarking on projects to create tailored educational resources for their class. The teacher transitions into a supportive role, offering guidance and assistance as students navigate their learning journey. This dynamic interaction culminates in a comprehensive assessment of learning outcomes and knowledge gained, reflecting the profound impact of experiential education.

The course's transformative essence lies in its fusion of theory and practical application, propelling educators to transcend traditional boundaries. Through 'Learning by Doing,' participants forge a meaningful connection between technology and pedagogy, equipping themselves to pioneer innovative approaches and lead the educational evolution in the digital era.

By completing this course, you will acquire new competencies and will be able to:

  • Understand different models of instruction using ICT.
  • Learn how to use collaborative tools using cloud computing tools: Google Apps.
  • Search and select appropriate already available videos and other resources.
  • Create video resources: Record, edit and deliver video.
  • Create audio-visual interactive activities.
  • Deal with main issues using technology in class.
  • Make students create their own content.
  • Get instant feedback from students.
  • Use different ways of getting a quick and easy assessment.


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