Music Therapy: From Listening to Movement


“Our body knows, our body tells” is a quote by Gabrielle Roth that describes perfectly how much information is store physically and emotionally inside of us.  Learning how to listen is an art, but learning how to listen to our bodies is key, so we can really connect to our emotions. 

In this course listening and connection are synonymous.  The emotional development of your students towards tolerance and acceptance, will only happen if they see that in someone else. They can only learn if we teachers have already learnt. Ultimately, it depends on how much you allow yourself to listen to yourself. 

Transform your classroom in an inclusion-friendly, zero judgment space with the harmony of music. Develop strong bonds with your students and among your students: the perfect ambience to overcome any challenge.

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The participant:

  • Gain new ideas of how to engage students with movement techniques.
  • Deepen their understanding of human communication and connection.
  • Implement new techniques of non-verbal communication in the classroom, facilitating the learning process. collaboration, and problem-solving.
  • Promote social skills that will accompany students throughout their lifes.
  • Lower stress and frustration levels in the classroom.
  • Deepen your knowledge about music applied to the classroom.
  • Improve your knowledge of emotional ecology.
  • Learn to approach and address delicate issues concerning your students.
  • Feel more motivated and confident.
  • Spread  positive attitude in your community.
  • Widen their and the students’ horizons.
  • Stay up to date on emerging educational trends.
  • Creative and innovative techniques of self-expression and communication will improve students’ performance and quality of work.
  • Create an environment of trust in your classroom and school.

The methodology of the course focuses on group experience and needs. The training will follow mainly practical approaches; as part of the course, the participants will learn how to implement these techniques in the various phases of their daily routines. The course trainer will engage with the most innovative and creative thoughts of the learners, and steer them towards a better understanding of the methods.

The participant knows how to: 

  • Efficiency in Learning: Movement helps to develop social skills, which are important for connecting to comprehension and critical thinking skills.
  • Stress Relief, Mood Elevation and Social Perks: Student-to-student and student-to-teacher relationships are a key component in successful learning . 
  • Class Cohesion: Heightens the student’s attendance and participation in class, Builds relationships and overall concern for the well-being of other, develops self-esteem and a sense of belonging.


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Our Pricing

100% funded by the Erasmus+

400 person

Services included

  • Pre-arrival information.
  • Tuition & training materials.
  • Coffee break.
  • Training Certificate.
  • Europass Certificate.
  • Admin & organizational costs.
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