Advanced English


The advanced English course is focused towards elevating participants prior knowledge and covering a varied range of topics from the use of technology in the classroom to advanced pronunciation and grammar structures. Furthermore, all the activities have teachers in mind and participants will be given the skills to adapt the activities during the course and encouraged to creatively use English in their own learning environments.

The aim of the course is to introduce and guide the participants through more advanced, uncommon structures they need to know in English as educators. All designed to be used in real-time, real-life practical situations, focusing on how and when to use them with their own pupils. Ultimately participants will learn to takethe knowledge forward and adapt what they learn to every classroom situation. 

The course dynamic is focused on combining diverse, dynamic activities both in the classroom and around the city, these factors make the week far more enjoyable and add an element of cultural immersion.

A focus on technology and how to really exploit these platforms in the class makes the course relevant and current for the modern educator. The combination of indoor and outdoor activities really gives participants the opportunity to learn varied content in various contexts. Both elements will be delivered in fun, manageable, and above all practical ways.

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1. Knowledge.

The participant:

  • will acquire the adequate knowledge to use the vocabulary and grammar throughout the course in practical real-life situations,
  • will learn how to implement the course activities in their learning environments appropriately, 
  • perceives the differences and similarities between the Spanish educational system and the educational system in their home country,
  • will understand and apply different methods to increase students' interest in learning English,
  • knows how to adapt their teaching method to varied audiences and also take forward the activities in a proactive creative manner.

2. Skills

The participant knows how to: 

  • evaluate and exploit their own knowledge and experience to adapt to any situation in the classroom, even at higher levels,
  • intuitively use and adapt the technologies presented throughout the course fluently and confidently,
  • create fun digital tasks for the needs of any learning preference, including mini exams, consolidation and evaluative tasks,
  • not only implement new teaching practices but evaluate the quality of the activities created,
  • bring a standard textbook activity to life and create additional content to reinforce their students. 

Throughout the duration of the course, we will extensively explore varied strategies in delivering specific content dynamically, including taking focus away from the interactive board and letting students take charge and control, with interaction and participation the key focus in all activities. Also learning by doing will have a heavy emphasis, gamification, team work and positivity will be promoted during all activities. 

The activities will be organised as dynamically as possible and pair/team work always focused on, there will be examples of indoor and outdoor activities accordingly and the opportunity to adapt and further explore the potential of each. The idea of reuse and adaption from outdoors to indoors will also be a reoccurring theme and a major part of the experience.

We will use varied materials from flashcards to individually made digital games. Some traditional elements will also be used, such as puzzles, maps and quizzes.  The materials will always represent those a typical teacher has to hand, and exploiting technology such as mobile phones and digital white boards will be covered extensively. The overall concept is to introduce, expand and facilitate what a modern educator has to hand in a contemporary classroom.    

The participant: 

  • uses a positive approach to any activity and understands how emotional intelligence and empathy can be used to affect the mood of the students,
  • takes initiative and has a proactive attitude towards new technologies and situations faced in the classroom,
  • has knowledge of teaching in a foreign language and the necessary tools to effectively teach at appropriate levels,
  • shows sufficient self-confidence to predict which activities will be positively received by the group or how to adapt them accordingly,
  • has the necessary skills to evaluate different teaching methods and styles, which can be used in turn with modern practices. 


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