ChatGPT and AI Tools for Educators


Transform your teaching with our AI-focused course, designed specifically for educators. Discover how this course "ChatGPT and AI tools for teacher work" can reduce your prep time and improve the quality of your teaching materials. Learn to streamline tasks, from creating class content to managing administrative duties, with AI tools for teachers that allow you to focus more on your students and less on paperwork.

This course teaches practical skills with hands-on activities, letting you create innovative resources effortlessly. Explore how AI can enhance efficiency in planning, preparation, and assessment, and uncover how it can make your teaching more interactive and engaging.

You'll gain a deeper understanding of AI platforms and learn to evaluate their benefits for educational use. The course combines theory and practice, ensuring you leave with the foundational knowledge and confidence to integrate AI into your daily teaching.

We also address ethical and privacy concerns to ensure you're using AI responsibly. By the end of the course, you'll be equipped to implement AI in innovative and creative ways.

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  • Proficiency in using AI tools to create educational materials.
  • Mastery of ChatGPT for content creation and quiz design.
  • Skill in crafting effective prompts for better AI interactions.
  • Ability to create presentations and visuals with AI tools.
  • Expertise in AI integration for classroom planning and design.
  • Introducing custom chatbots.
  • Understanding of AI ethics and privacy in educational settings.
  • Knowledge of advanced AI functions, like text-to-image and text-to-speech.
  • Ability to develop personalized AI projects and solutions.

  • Lectures and presentations by the instructor: Introducing key concepts, AI tools, and educational applications.
  • Demonstrations of applications: Showcasing how to use AI tools like ChatGPT, along with other AI-based tools.
  • Exploration of materials: Allowing participants to examine various resources, including texts, videos, and AI-generated content.
  • Guided practice sessions: Offering hands-on experience with AI tools under instructor guidance.
  • Development of a personal project: Encouraging participants to create their own AI-based project relevant to their teaching context.
  • Debates and group discussions: Facilitating open discussions on topics such as ethical considerations, privacy issues, and the impact of AI on education.

  • Create quality educational materials using AI tools, streamlining content creation.
  • Design effective quizzes and class content with ChatGPT and other AI tools.
  • Interact effectively with AI by crafting precise prompts.
  • Produce engaging presentations and visuals using AI-based tools.
  • Improve classroom planning and lesson design with AI integration for greater efficiency and creativity.
  • Use AI in the web browser through Chrome extensions
  • Create and customize educational chatbots.
  • Understand ethical and privacy considerations to ensure responsible AI use.
  • Confidently apply AI to various educational tasks, from content creation to administrative work.
  • Utilize advanced AI functions, such as text-to-image, text-to-speech, and audio-to-text.
  • Develop personalized AI projects and custom solutions for specific teaching needs.


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