Designing a 3D world


3D printers have made progress in recent years.  It is still an unknown world for many people, but it is a reality in homes and many 3D printers are sold. Every day there are multiple applications from industrial design to architecture.

Also, 3D printing can use different techniques and materials that can be used depending on the type of object, precision of detail, and resistance. For all these reasons, 3D printing is expected to play an even greater role and can change our lives and design a 3D world.

3D printing is emerging as one of the leading technologies of the future. With this course, you can understand how it works and learn the basic options that you need to design and print your 3D designs. In the course we are going to learn the terminology that you need to know to enter the world of 3D printing and be able to bring your ideas to reality.

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The skills learnt by the participants during the course can be used to:

• Management of new technologies and perception of the possibilities of 3D printing.

• Digital competence, creator of culture in general and 3D design and printing in particular.

• They focus on creative problem solving collaboratively.

• Cooperative and autonomous work.

• Aesthetic and creative capacity and mastery of those capacities related to the different artistic and cultural codes.

It is a practical course, the objective for the participant is to acquire the knowledge to be able to design and print objects. We will begin by learning about the history of 3d printing, technologies, materials, programs, etc. As the course progresses, the participant will make increasingly complex objects, with a DIY maker education approach (object and project based learning). The participant will export the files of the designed objects and use the slicers programs for printing. Finally, the participants will visit a design classroom, where the work done by the participant is printed.

Participants will be able to acquire basic skills in handling a 3D design program, to get started in the world of 3D. With this course you work on creativity and you can make your 3D designs.

Participants will acquire the necessary theoretical-practical knowledge to 3D design techniques.

In the course we are going to learn everything that you need from the world of 3D printing and to be able to bring your ideas to reality.

By completing this course, participants will be able to:

- Know additive manufacturing technologies, materials and their applications

- Know and use the software to model simple and complex objects for later printing

- Manage the main Laminators/Slicers

- Use and maintain a 3d printer

- Export your creations to print in 3d printers.

- Print 3D models.


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