Entrepreneurship at School


The main aim of the course is to provide participants (and indirectly students) with knowledge and skills in basic economics and the functioning of the market and the development of entrepreneurial broadly defined attitudes, including openness and creativity in planning their own activities. Also, this course is full of techniques, tools and right questions for students to make right decisions about their future, moreover, these tools are applicable for any decision that you, as a teacher, are facing.

The participants acquire the ability to improve and develop their own talents, ideas, gain aims, find the best way to become an active member of a project team.

Through detailed workshops and simulations, this interactive training delivers a comprehensive knowledge of establishing own business, the creation of new teams. This course helps  teachers to support students in this area, give right questions or advice to help the students decide.

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  • Knowledge of defining and strengthen the entrepreneurial attitudes.
  • Ability to develop own creativity and others´.
  • Ability to improve an individual potential of a student.
  • Knowledge how to offer own skills and knowledge to market needs.
  • Ability to define a concrete target of a project.
  • Ability to create an attractive team for a special project.
  • Knowledge to define and apply the abilities of “quasi” perfect teacher and “quasi” perfect student.
  • Capacity to apply SWOT analysis for the best teacher in the world.
  • Capacity to develop an individual entrepreneurship.

The methodology used is a mixture between theoretical training and workshops training based on real-life examples. Different methods enable the participants to develop and create their solutions for their own professional needs and the needs of their students.

Practical part contains creating business-plan getting and analyzing real information from the project world . There are schedules, graphics, brainstorming techniques and tests used to achieve needed results.

By completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Strengthen entrepreneurial attitude among students.
  • Access to a new network of teachers across Europe inspires new ideas, teaching methods and problem solving.
  • Determine the group of students who will become successful team.
  • Encourage students to entrepreneurial activities, to provide the benefits of owning own ideas.
  • Lead the project of creating a business plan with students.
  • Encourage students to earn satisfaction from their own hobby.
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual projects and individual persons.


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100% funded by the Erasmus+

400 person

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  • Tuition & training materials.
  • Coffee break.
  • Training Certificate.
  • Europass Certificate.
  • Admin & organizational costs.
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