A modern approach to adult pedagogy (andragogy) - taking into account the current needs, mentality and all possibilities of society.

We gain knowledge and experience during our life. We like it or not, it does not matter, the current world bombards us with a huge amount of knowledge and puts pressure on us to constantly learn.

You don't learn, you don't develop - you fall behind. You become an outsider.

This tendency largely influenced the development of a new field of pedagogy - andragogy. More and more adults want to learn. He often wants to go back to studying.

That is why it is so important to know how to effectively teach adults, people who have gained experience and often have a very specific worldview. It is important to know how to motivate adult students and use their predispositions to study most effectively.

It is also important to develop their skills according to precisely defined needs. And we should always take into account the cognitive and knowledge acquisition capabilities of our adult students.

This course can also be modified to be addressed to adults who would like to start learning again with their life achievements.

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  • A deeper understanding of the reasons why adult students want to continue learning, which improves contact with them.
  • To be able better to appreciate students' skills and adapt the curriculum and, above all, teaching methods to them.
  • To be able better to support students in learning by using their previous experience.
  • To be more effective to motivate students to learn and to arouse their curiosity about the subject being taught.
  • Support the development of students' unconventional thinking.
  • More consciously to understand and use body expression and non-verbal methods of communication.
  • Use innovative teaching methods for adults.

The course methodology is based on the experience and expectations of the participants. This determines which specific aspects are discussed and how much time is devoted to them. It may happen that the course program will be enriched with additional topics according to the students' instructions.

Important part of the course is devoted to practice after a theoretical introduction. The latest teaching techniques are used to make the classes interesting and inspiring.

Group workshops, exercises in subgroups, numerous tests and games are also introduced.

Participants will learn, explore and do everything that may be useful to them in their specific work and situation.

After completing the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Use newly learned tools or their options in your work.
  • Enrich the material used at work with new issues.
  • Introduce new methods or their variants to obtain better teaching results.
  • Help students develop their passions and guide them in the study process.
  • Better understand adult students and their learning opportunities.
  • Adapt teaching methods more accurately to the capabilities and expectations of adult students.
  • Use coaching techniques in teaching.
  • Motivate students more effectively.
  • Be able to teach students "how" to learn so that it gives them pleasure and satisfaction.
  • Be able to use non-verbal methods of communicating with students more effectively.
  • Convince everyone that you can learn at any age and at any time in life.


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  • Admin & organizational costs.
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