The World of Mechanics and Robotics


The "Powering the Future" job shadowing program is designed to offer educators a comprehensive look into the world of electronics, mechanics, aviation, and automotive innovation. Over five days, participants will gain firsthand experience in these industries by actively engaging with professionals and gaining insights into their daily operations. The program aims to equip educators with practical knowledge and hands-on experience to enhance their teaching methods and better prepare their students for careers in these dynamic sectors.

The special focus of the job shadowing is the Mediterranean management styles, structures, and business etiquette that you will likely encounter. 

It is a unique opportunity to observe the daily duties and responsibilities of highly experienced professionals is an invaluable experience that allows you to gain a better insight in how companies operate these days, what needs they have, what they expect from their future employees what challenges or obstacles they encounter in the present day business market. 

Target Audience: Educators in the following sectors:

  • Agricultural Mechanization Technician.
  • Automation & Robotics Technician.
  • Avionics Technician.
  • Car Electronic Technician.
  • Electro-Mechanical & Mechatronics Technician.
  • Electronics Technician.
  • Industrial Maintenance Technician.
  • Aircraft Mechanic.
  • Airport Operations Technician.
  • Agricultural Equipment Mechanic.
  • CNC Operator.
  • Industrial Designer.
  • Naval Mechanic.
  • Welder.
  • Auto Body Technician.
  • Car Interior Restorer.
  • Car Mechanic.
  • Car Paint Sprayer.

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  • The opportunity to view and reflect on your own area of work supported by the “fresh eyed” view of the visitor/guest. 
  • Understanding and appreciating other needs and priorities outside your established work role. 
  • Developing coaching/mentoring skills. 
  • The opportunity to discuss your role and its needs and priorities with others. 
  • Understanding why things work the way they do. 

The methodology is designed to provide a comprehensive and immersive learning opportunity. The process begins with careful selection of host organizations or industry partners relevant to the teachers' diverse disciplines. Prior to the job shadowing, teachers engage in a needs assessment to identify their specific learning objectives and areas of interest. The program is structured into a 5-day schedule, with each day dedicated to a different aspect of the industry or field, ensuring exposure to various skills and practices. Teachers actively observe, participate, and reflect on the day's experiences, with regular debrief sessions and discussions. This methodology incorporates collaborative learning and sharing of best practices among the teachers, enabling them to adapt and enhance their teaching methods based on real-world industry insights. The job shadowing methodology promotes professional development, industry relevance, and a broader perspective in vocational education.

Upon completion of this job shadowing program, educators will:

1. Gain practical insights into the daily operations of their chosen sectors within electronics, mechanics, aviation, and automotive industries.

2. Understand the importance of safety, precision, and innovation in these fields.

3. Acquire specialized knowledge related to their respective sectors, such as avionics, industrial maintenance, or automotive technology.

4. Learn how to integrate real-world examples and emerging industry trends into their teaching methods.

5. Establish industry contacts for potential future collaborations and opportunities for their students.

  • Get a better understanding of how businesses function these days and what skills and competencies employers expect from graduates preparing to enter the labour market in other European countries.
  • Providing opportunities to improve professionally: helping to determine what hard and soft skills one can improve to become a better teacher. 
  • Obtaining a useful networking tool that can facilitate the breaking down of language and professional barriers across European nations.  
  • It allows teachers to view work processes they are involved in from a different angle.  
  • Learning practical knowledge and experience thanks to observing professionals within their work environment, which in turn can help to teach in a way that will prepare their students in the best possible way to succeed and be more competitive on the labour market.


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100% funded by the Erasmus+

400 person

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  • Pre-arrival information.
  • Tuition & training materials.
  • Training Certificate.
  • Europass Certificate.
  • Admin & organizational costs.
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