Motivation Up


This course aims, are providing the necessary tools for students, parents and teachers to create a motivating environment in their daily practice. Enhancing everyone’s creativity, curiosity, engagement and fun will generate a warm atmosphere at school where every single individual will feel welcome. To do so, the tutor will concentrate on teachers’ creativity and motivation by exploring together with the participants a great variety of up-to-date inspirational techniques to develop strategical lesson plans. All of the stages involved in teaching will be covered: from class management, through class preparation and delivery, assessing, organizational school tasks to parent-teacher communication. Different activities will be provided in order to understand the way, peers related interact   among each other to improve their relationships. The tutor will also provide multiple resources to develop an efficient gamified practice, which will generate a school filled with attention, acceptance, appreciation and affection, a school that embraces and allows every person to be their real selves. We will literally play around, research and assess our own roles, making our classrooms an even more enjoyable, stimulating place.

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The participant:

  • Design and deliver even more inspirational lesson plans.
  • Provide real-life meaningful and experiential learning situations according to the curriculum.
  • Put into practice interdisciplinary and collaborative group strategies.
  • Reflect on their practice and adapt to the new demands of a different approach to teaching and learning in a safe environment.
  • Motivate students; detect, assist and guide them throughout their relational challenges; enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills; give up power to empower them and give them ownership over their own learning and decisions; create a safe space for them to develop their passions and work on their self-esteem and self-confidence.

The course is designed to be practical, while the theoretical topics focus on key concepts and strategies for implementation in a variety of schools and classrooms.

The practical portions of the course are related to group experiences and needs and are based on teamwork, both in pairs and with group projects.

Participants will practice trying to implement this topic in different disciplines.

The course concludes with a reflection on learning outcomes and an evaluation session.


  • Getting to know how to use a great variety of resources to create integrative lesson plan.
  • Creating an inspirational environment for both the teacher and the student.
  • Increasing pupils’ engagement, motivation, and self-confidence.
  • Developing students and peers critical thinking, problem solving and collaborative skills.
  • Increasing performance and effectiveness in lesson preparation and delivery.
  • Using free, easy, ready-to-use resources.
  • Gaining efficiency as a teacher.
  • Offering support to colleagues, students and parents.
  • Providing communicative techniques.
  • Generating an empowering atmosphere.
  • Create a space for acceptance.


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  • Coffee break.
  • Training Certificate.
  • Europass Certificate.
  • Admin & organizational costs.
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