Integrating Outdoor Learning Across Subjects (10 days)


Embark on an immersive journey into the world of outdoor education with our comprehensive 10-day training course. "Outdoors Education for Educators" is designed to equip teachers with the knowledge, skills, and practical tools to seamlessly integrate the outdoors into their teaching practices. The course is structured to cover a range of topics, from foundational principles to subject integration techniques, environmental literacy, adventure education, and conservation efforts.

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Pedagogical Competence: Acquire a solid foundation in outdoor education principles, enabling educators to develop pedagogical strategies for effective teaching and learning in outdoor settings.

Interdisciplinary Integration Competence: Develop the ability to seamlessly integrate outdoor activities across diverse subjects such as language arts, mathematics, science, history, and geography, fostering an interdisciplinary approach to education.

Curriculum Design and Adaptation Competence: Cultivate proficiency in designing adaptable and engaging lesson plans tailored for various outdoor settings, promoting creativity and flexibility in curriculum development aligned with educational standards.

Interactive Workshops and Theoretical Sessions: Engage educators through interactive workshops that blend theoretical discussions with practical applications, ensuring a deep understanding of outdoor education principles.

Practical Experiences and Hands-On Activities: Emphasize experiential learning with hands-on activities such as nature walks, reflective journaling, math scavenger hunts, and high ropes courses to reinforce theoretical concepts.

Collaborative Learning and Peer Review: Foster collaboration among participants through group activities, peer review sessions, and collaborative lesson plan creation, encouraging knowledge exchange and constructive feedback.

Experiential Learning and Reflection Competence: Embrace experiential learning through outdoor activities, reflective journaling, and field trips, fostering competence in using firsthand experiences to enhance teaching practices and student engagement.

Technology Integration and Project-Based Learning Competence: Gain proficiency in integrating technology into outdoor lessons and collaboratively design project-based learning experiences, enhancing educators' ability to leverage digital tools for effective and engaging teaching.

Develop a Pedagogical Framework: Equip educators with a robust pedagogical framework for outdoor learning, providing them with the theoretical foundation needed to integrate outdoor education principles into their teaching practices.

Enhance Subject Integration Skills: Enable educators to seamlessly integrate outdoor activities across various subjects, including language arts, mathematics, science, history, and geography, fostering a multidisciplinary approach to outdoor education.

Cultivate Curriculum Design Proficiency: Empower educators to design adaptable and engaging lesson plans for diverse outdoor settings, encouraging creativity and flexibility in curriculum development that aligns with educational standards.

Promote Environmental Literacy and Sustainability: Inspire a sense of environmental awareness among educators, guiding them to design lessons that instill a commitment to sustainability. Explore hands-on experiences and field trips to local eco-friendly initiatives.

Facilitate Networking and Implementation: Foster a supportive community among educators by encouraging the sharing of success stories, challenges, and collaborative efforts. Equip participants with the skills and action plans needed to implement outdoor education effectively in their respective schools.


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