Mindfulness is the ability to cultivate direct, open-hearted awareness to what is going on inside and around you in the present moment, without judging or getting carried away by the pressures of everyday life.

The objective of learning the practice of Mindfulness is to provide the necessary tools which you can gradually incorporate naturally into your everyday life, helping you to know yourself better, to live a fuller life, to increase creativity and concentration and to live with a more attentive attitude to your present life.

As teachers, Mindfulness is an outstanding tool to help your students cultivate being present: presence of mind, presence of heart, and presence in the body, qualities that we don’t usually cultivate intentionally. Inner calm and mindfulness are needed in order to improve children’s performance and, as teachers, to be able to teach well.

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The skills learnt by the participants during the course can be used to:

  • Develop their pedagogical and communication skills. 
  • Process information better, improve students’ attention and concentration, teach them to manage their emotions, reduce anxiety and fatigue, reinforce their self-esteem and social skills, boost empathy and improve their academic skills.
  • Learn to process information with a calmer mind, do less multi-tasking so as to actually enjoy living the present moment with a more curious mind.
  • Improve the perspectives and development opportunities of each student.

The Methodology used in Mindfulness Practice Programs is a combination of theory and practical exercises; Guided Meditations and Conscious Movements as in Yoga. Material aids should be used: Guided Meditation Audios shared by the group, each participant will need to use a Yoga mat, a light blanket, chair, and should bring comfortable clothing for each session.

By completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Teach children the qualities of observing and concentrating by focusing on their breathing or body or feelings or whatever is happening in the present moment so as to increase their concentration and reduce impulsive behavior.
  • Explore with children new ways to deal with unpleasant feelings and thoughts. Through stories and meditations, the children get in touch with the power of patience and trust.
  • Through developing and cultivating compassion, empathy and self-compassion children learn to be aware of unfriendly thoughts and behavior towards themselves and others and learn to practice kindness in their daily lives.
  • Through the practice of Meditation and Yoga Exercises children and adults alike are cultivating the“Mind-Body” Connection and Awareness, striving for a more balanced emotional well-being.


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400 person

Services included

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  • Training Certificate.
  • Europass Certificate.
  • Admin & organizational costs.
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