The main aim of the course is to give participants a practical knowledge of Spain in comparison with their country of origin. They will gain the ability to analyse the similarities and differences, as well as to discuss how to draw inspiration from both cultures.

The idea of the course is to impart an in depth understanding of Spanish culture, taking into account its different aspects, such as daily life, fashion, music, dance, sports and leisure activities, culinary and health.

The course is mainly aimed at those who, on the one hand, express curiosity about Spain and are looking for a new perspective and inspiration in life, and on the other hand, wish to share the richness of the culture of their country of origin.

Participants will also gain the skills and knowledge to be able to share their experience with their students and to plan activities related to the themes of the course.

The course provides a space to shape and learn how to promote an attitude of openness, curiosity and cooperation, useful in both professional and private life.

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The course will enable participants to:

  • Acquire knowledge, skills and competences related to Spanish culture.
  • Gain practica! experience of participating in activities typical to the Spanish culture.
  • Learn about Spanish cuisine, dance, singing, music, instruments, fashion and entertainment.
  • Develop the ability to analyse similarities and differences.
  • Develop the ability to discuss with representatives of a different culture.
  • Gain experience in sharing knowledge about their country of origin.
  • Learn about methods to motivate students to learn about other countries and develop an attitude of openness and dialogue.

The course focuses mainly on practical training and experience-based learning. Activities take place in the context of Spanish culture and direct contact with it. Participants will have the opportunity to take part in activities outside the classroom and learn first-hand about the music, dance, fashion, customs and cuisine of Spain. The tutor uses methods of participatory observation, workshop activities, moderated discussions and practical exercises. The programme is dedicated to teachers, providing the opportunity to apply its elements in the school environment. The participant will also learn about:

  • The origins of Spanish culture.
  • The principies of everyday life today and in the past.
  • Typical ways of spending leisure time.
  • Reasons and motivations far high involvement in the regional culture. Methods on how to inspire students.
  • Diversity of perspectives between countries.

By completing this course, participants will:

  • have a better understanding of Spanish culture, its origins and its evolution in relation to the culture of their country of origin,
  • know the most characteristic elements of Spanish culture and how they are promoted in the contemporary world,
  • be able to plan activities to foster an open attitude in students towards representatives of different cultures,
  • be able to promo te interest in different cultures and strive for dialogue,
  • be aware of similarities and differences between Spanish culture and their country of origin,
  • know the benefits of participating in activities related to the culture of the local community,
  • be able to inspire students based on their own experience,
  • be able to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in practice,
  • know the principles of open discussion to broaden p erspectives and share experience.


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