Know Your enemy! How to deal with burnout.


Professional burnout is one of the biggest problems in the world today. As a result of it, many people suffer from depression, which is one of the biggest health risks today. Currently, 350 million people in the world suffer from depression and these numbers are increasing.

So what can we do to avoid falling into the clutches of professional burnout? How can we recognise the symptoms of burnout in ourselves and others? What to do once burnout has set in?

Know your enemy! It is a well-known fact that we are afraid of what we do not know, and this fear leads to stress, and from there, it is a direct route to professional burnout.

For this reason during workshop we will focus on noticing and understanding our emotions, feelings and what happens to us when we feel them, we will consider how we can deal with the state we are in or may find ourselves in.

Know Your Enemy!

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What you will know after workshop:

  • What is and where does job burnout come from.
  • What are the physical, mental and emotional symptoms of professional burnout?
  • What are the causes of professional burnout.
  • What are the stages of professional burnout.
  • What is stress and what are its sources.
  • What is the pattern of reactions to stress.
  • What emotions are, how they arise and what they are used for.
  • What is mindfulness.
  • What are techniques for dealing with and managing stress.
  • What mindfulness training looks like.
  • What is meditation. How to use breathing exercises.
  • What is self-motivation.
  • Methods for setting and achieving goals.
  • How to use visualisation and metaphor to work on burnout.

  • What you will be able to do after workshop:

    • Identify sources of stress and burnout.
    • Recognise the physical, mental and emotional symptoms of job burnout, as well as its causes.
    • Recognise the stages of job burnout.
    • Be able to understand where the emotions in you and others come from.
    • Apply coping with and stress management techniques. Use relaxation techniques.
    • Prevent burnout. Identify what mindfulness is and how it can be applied.
    • Apply mindfulness training in daily life.
    • Apply breathing exercises.
    • Use methods to identify and achieve your goals. 

    What may surprise you after workshop:

    • Fewer stressful situations in everyday life.
    • Situations that were previously stressful are no longer stressful.
    • More positive relationships with environment.
    • Fewer conflicts at work and in daily life.
    • More flexible communication.
    • More „Me Time”.
    • Increased efficiency at work and in personal life.
    • More understanding towards yourself and others.
    • Inner peace of mind and confidence to deal with difficult situations.
    • Feeling more pleasure at work.

    It has been known for a long time that one method for dealing with professional burnout is mindfulness. Mindfulness training has a proven track record of effectiveness, so in this workshop we learn how to integrate mindfulness into everyday life in order to counteract the negative effects of stress, as well as how to use it when negative effects already occur.

    During the workshop we exclusively use active, experience-based methods. In addition to mindfulness, you can expect coaching methods, games, role play and much more, with a large outdoor part consisting of observing others, yourself and your environment.

    Training methods:

    • Workshop.
    • Mindfulness training.
    • Meditation.
    • Exercises.
    • Outdoor activities.
    • City games.
    • Role playing.
    • Simulations.
    • Discussions.
    • Games.
    • Case study.
    • Group coaching methods.
    • Interpersonal training.

    Benefits of participating in training:

    • Greater job satisfaction. 
    • Greater life satisfaction from the training.
    • Greater inner peace.
    • More possible solutions through calm and considerate action.
    • More attentive communication, open to others, emphatic. 
    • Possible increased attentiveness and enjoyment of small, everyday things.
    • Setting own boundaries.
    • Ability to understand oneself, one's emotions, behaviour and what one's actions result in.
    • Openness, flexibility, free communication.
    • Greater self-awareness.
    • More time for oneself.
    • Ability to motivate oneself to achieve one's own goals. 
    • Assertiveness.


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